What is cannabis flower and how do you consume it?

What is cannabis flower and how do you consume it?

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Flower, as well as nug or bud, refers to the part of the cannabis plant that you smoke, especially after it’s been dried and cured. Even though there are newer ways to consume cannabis, smoking it still continues to be a popular choice due to its versatility, as detailed below.

This guide will cover how to smoke weed and will include some frequently asked questions about smoking flower.

Weed on Scale
Flower, or bud, is the smokable part of the cannabis plant.

How to smoke cannabis flower

The most common way to consume cannabis is by smoking it. It kicks in almost immediately and can last from one to three hours, depending on the quantity and the person. Most bud smokers consume cannabis by using one or more of the below methods.

  • Joint: ground flower rolled in smokable rolling paper is called a joint.
  • Blunt: blunts are similar to joints in that they involver rolling ground flower in an emptied cigar or blunt wrap.
  • Pipe: a pipe is one of the more common stoner tools, and allows cannabis smokers to smoke on the go without any additional materials beyond their flower, pipe and a way to light it.
  • Bong: the water pipe, or bong, allows weed smoke to be filtered through water.


How to smoke a joint

One of the most common methods of smoking weed is a joint. Rolling papers, a paper filter and flower are the only things you need to roll a joint. Optionally you can use a grinder as well. Rolling papers are cheap and available in most corner stores. After rolling the joint, just light the non-filter end, inhale through the filter and enjoy.

Most rolling papers are made from paper material, but there are also a wide variety of different rolling papers including hemp-based papers, longer-sized papers and even packages that include extra paper to make filters.

How to Smoke a Joint
Joints make smoking weed easy.

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How to smoke a blunt

A blunt is the same basic principle as a joint, only bigger. A blunt is an emptied cigar wrapper filled with weed and resealed. Just like a joint, the biggest benefit of rolling a blunt is that all you need is the blunt wrap (or tobacco leaves) and ground bud (again, the grinder is optional). Once you’ve rolled it, light one end and inhale from the other.

How to Smoke a Blunt
A blunt is an emptied-out cigar wrapper that's been filled with flower and resealed.

Blunt making is possible just about anywhere since most convenience stores sell cigars. The only possible downside to a blunt is that you’re also smoking the tobacco in the cigar wrap, although that’s exactly the point for fans.


How to smoke weed with a pipe

Quite likely the easiest way to smoke weed is through the use of a pipe. Compact, small and easy to use, pipes are handheld devices to smoke weed. Simply break apart your flower, fill the bowl, light it while drawing air gently through the mouthpiece and inhale the smoke. Perfect for discreet use or travelling, pipes are reliable and practical for cannabis smokers.

How to Smoke Weed from a Pipe
Pipes are handheld devices used to smoke flower.

How to smoke weed with a bong

A smoking device consisting of a chamber partially filled with water, a downstem, a mouthpiece and a bowl is called a bong. They’re perfect for those who want to tone down the harshness and heat while inhaling smoke.

How to Smoke Weed with a Bong

To get a bong ready for use, fill the chamber with just enough water to cover the end of the downstem. Now pack the bowl with ground weed. Put your mouth over the mouthpiece and light the bud in the bowl. Now inhale to pull the smoke though the water. Make sure to clean you bong for the next use once you’re done smoking.


How to dose cannabis flower

Cannabis strains vary wildly in terpene content, cannabinoid content and potency – all three of which will affect your experience. The total concentration of cannabinoids is how weed potency is measured and it is expresses as a percentage. As an example, the label on Alaskan Thunder Fuck might read 23% THC, which indicates that there’s 230 milligrams (mg) of THC per gram of weed.

How to Dose Cannabis
Cannabis strains vary widely in potency, cannabinoid content, and terpene content — all of which can affect your cannabis experience.

You’ll get very different results from smoking weed than you will from eating edibles. The average person will get high for a few hours from smoking a full-gram joint with 180mg of THC, while consuming a 180mg edible can result in a high that lasts six hours or more and can result in an increased heart rate, panic attacks and paranoia.

Luckily, weed from MJ.mom is all labeled with the THC percentage so you’ll have a better idea how much of an effect you can expect to experience.

  • 10% THC or less: flower is considered mild in this range
  • 10% – 20% THC: often just right for casual consumers but can be strong for beginners
  • 20% THC and above: some of the strongest weed you’ll come across – beginners beware

Bottom line: check the percentage of THC before you smoke, take one drag and wait a full 15 minutes before smoking more to get an accurate idea of how that potency affects you specifically.

Frequently asked questions

These materials are fine to use if you’re stuck:

  • Cigarette papers or emptied cigarettes
  • String tied corn husks
  • Specially prepared rose petals baked together to form a longer wrap
  • Hair curler papers

These may be ok but you’ll be smoking more chemicals, including from ink:

  • Receipts
  • Phone book pages

Don’t do it:

Tissue paper: too fragile and coated with chemicals

It tends to contain the smell within the room better if you’re smoking in a steamy room with a towel stuffed under the door. While it doesn’t eliminate the odor while smoking the smell should go away about half and hour after the smoking stops.

You absolutely shouldn’t. For at least a week after extractions, dentists recommend not smoking anything (tobacco or cannabis). Saliva production is decreased by smoking and it causes the blood vessels in your gums to contract (decreasing oxygen to your wounds) and risks dry socket, infection and incomplete recovery. Try some soft edibles or a tincture instead of smoking.

Even though pipe screens are typically very inexpensive at tobacco or head shops, you may find yourself in need of a quick and dirty homemade option. Try these:

  • The small screen found on sink faucets. Simply unscrew the metal piece from under the faucet head and pull out the screen, shaping it to fit your pipe.
  • Earbud screens are workable as well.
  • A small, oddly shaped pebble, providing there is room around the stone for cannabis smoke to flow.

Get the air flowing to remove hotboxing odours by turning on fans and opening the windows. Baking soda boxes, opened, placed around the space left to absorb the odours help. Candles, air fresheners and incense may also reduce weed smells. Ultimately, washing carpets, clothes and other textiles may be needed to be truly rid of any lingering smells.

Blowing the smoke into an air conditioner vent or out an open window may help move the cannabis smell out of the room. This will ensure that most of the smoke moves outside the enclosed space. A sploof will further filter the cannabis smell as you blow out the window.

Using a tool such as a sploof will further filter the cannabis smell as you blow out the window.

The steam of a shower will help to capture the odour and keep it contained in the bathroom, especially if you stuff a towel under the door. It might be difficult, however, to keep a joint lit or spark up a pipe in the shower with the water running.

What direction and how fast the wind is blowing, other aromas in the air, humidity levels and many other factors will affect the distance weed smoke travels if you’re smoking outside.

The reach of cannabis smoke is also affected by your consumption method. A joint or a blunt will produce much more odour and smoke and a vape.

The amount consumed, your weight and biochemistry, the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the strain and how it is consumed all affect how long it takes for it to kick in.  Expect it to take 5 minutes or less if you are smoking or vaping. Edibles can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to start kicking in.

Thanks to the water’s extra filtration of the smoke smoking a bong can slightly reduce the smell. To lessen bong odour during and after smoking, make sure to clean it regularly.

The smell will stick to clothes at varying levels, depending on how you’re consuming it and what strain you’re smoking. More likely to stick to clothing is a blunt’s stronger smell while a bong’s smell dissipates with a quick step outside. Air fresheners, regular clothes washing and body sprays are good ways to reduce or remove the smell after a session.

The easiest method of smoking weed without papers or pipes is vapourizing it – any it’s potentially one of the healthiest methods of consumption. There are also many DIY options for smoking weed. DIY joints using things such as gum wrappers, empty cigarettes, corn husks, or even rose petals; DIY bongs made out of soda cans or water bottles; DIY pipes made with apples or other fruit are all possible options.

Apple Pipe
Consumers have plenty of DIY options when it comes to smoking weed, such as apple pipes.

This won’t work since you have to decarboxylate cannabis to change the THCA into THC to get high. THC is not water soluble when heated.

When you taste ash rather than weed when you take a hit it’s a pretty good indication that your bowl is finished (cashed). You should only see white or black ash remaining – no green flower material left over.

Seeds contain virtually no THC and will not get you high when smoked.

Essentially the weed is wasted. Cannabinoids are introduced into you bloodstream much quicker through your lungs than your stomach. It can also cause minor stomach pain, irritate the lining of the stomach, or even cause vomiting.

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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