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A smokable cannabis product that resembles a conical cigarette is called a joint. Joints are made up of weed, paper and a filter, or “crutch.” Joint rolling papers can be made from hemp, rice, wood pulp, and more, including some designed to help boost the flavour profile of the cannabis. Crutches can be made from cardstock, thick paper or index cards. Rolling papers are available online, in most convenience stores, dispensaries and smoke shops while crutches are likely available online, dispensaries and smoke shops.

Weed Joint

Like a joint but not

  • Spliff: a cannabis joint that includes a mixture of marijuana and tobacco
  • Blunt: a joint rolled with tobacco leaves or a cigar that has been hollowed out and filled with cannabis
  • Pre-roll: a ready to smoke joint that was pre-rolled for you by the manufacturer, dispensary or online shop


Frequently asked questions

What’s a joint?

A cannabis cigarette generally hand-rolled by the user but also available as a pre-roll is called a joint. A joint rolled with tobacco and weed is a spliff and one rolled with cigar tobacco paper is a blunt. Pre-rolled joints available for purchase at retailers and online are called pre-rolls.

What are joint filters called?

Joint filers are called tips or crutches. A crutch prevents excessive moisture from making the end wet, allows for better airflow through the joint and reduces waste. They can be made from cardstock, index cards or thick paper. Most smokers make their own but some dispensaries and retailers carry them and they are available online.

Can I use paper for a joint filter?

Cardboard or thick paper makes for the best joint filters, commonly called tips or crutches. Regular paper could contain chemicals you don’t want in your lungs or throat and it isn’t heavy enough to give the benefits of a crutch. Wooden and glass crutches are great alternatives to paper and can be found in head shops, some dispensaries, tobacco shops and online.

How do you roll a joint?

Rolling a joint can be an art. Here are the five basic steps:

  1. Use a grinder to break up the weed and make it easier to pack.
  2. Create a filter or crutch.
  3. At one end of the rolling paper, place the crutch.
  4. Fill and pack the paper with cannabis, using less at the filter end to form a cone shape.
  5. Press the cannabis firmly into the paper and roll it up, licking the seal to seal it.
Roll a Joint

Can you double-wrap joints?

To slow the burn and make the joint last a little longer you can double-wrap it. Rolling with an extra rolling paper can also minimize an uneven burn and direct airflow properly. Inevitably though, it also means twice the rolling paper, which will lead to a harsher smoke with less cannabis and more burning paper in every puff.

How do you smoke a joint?

If you’re in a group setting especially, smoking a joint has a certain rhythm and etiquette. When the roller puts joint to lips and flame to joint, takes two puffs, and then passes it to the person on the left is when a joint smoking session starts. Part of cannabis culture is sharing and spreading the wealth comes naturally when you smoke a joint.

How do you put out a joint?

It’s not particularly complicated to put out a joint. Pressing the burning end against the surface of an ashtray or other non-flammable surface is all you need to do. Apply minimal force to maintain the integrity of the joint if you want to put out an unfinished joint to save it for later. You could also let the cherry separate from the rest of the joint and fall into the ashtray. To gently separate the cherry from the joint you can use a straightened paper clip or other small, non-flammable item.

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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