How to Light a Joint

How to light a joint

If you're new to smoking weed lighting a joint might not be as simple as it seems. It's time to learn the correct way to light a joint, along with the safest and healthiest sources of flame for your next smoke session.   What's the correct way to light a joint? Using...

What’s a grinder?

Cannabis enthusiasts have been using weed grinders to break down dense buds into fine, smokable particles since the 1960s. You're about to learn the benefits of using a cannabis grinder and how to choose the best one. We'll also throw in some pro tips for getting the most out...
How to Use a Bong

How to use a bong

What's a bong? A bong is a cannabis pipe that uses water to filter and cool the smoke, producing a smooth, clean tasting and possibly healthier smoking experience. The physics behind a bong are fairly simple: smoke is pulled through a chamber filled with water, and as the smoke bubbles...

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